20 Years of Caring For The Land

“Take care of the animals and the land, and they will take care of you” was a phrase I heard a lot from my grandfather while growing up on his farm. I remember him putting his animals and the land before himself all the time. He always reminded us that taking care of the animals put food on the table or money in the bank, and taking care of the land helped the crops grow and animals thrive.

When it was my turn to act on his lessons, I was stuck. I was good with numbers, not horses or corn. So I looked to the company I worked for to continue in his footsteps of taking care of the animals and the land.

My first job was with an advertising agency that focused on animal health. We marketed products from flea collars for little dogs, to joint supplements for horses, and pharmaceuticals for every animal in between. After 15 years of working at this advertising agency, I believe I can check the box for taking care of the animals.

Next up, taking care of the land was easy when I came to work here at GreenEarth Cleaning. When I first started, I thought GreenEarth was a company only focused on a safer, non-toxic alternative to the traditional dry cleaning method, which has been the subject of environmental contamination issues. But over my five years here, I’ve learned it is so much more.

GreenEarth has never stopped in our pursuit of “greening” up the dry cleaning industry. The GreenEarth Process has been tested and is so safe that it is not regulated by the EPA, meaning it is safe for the air, water, and land. GreenEarth has worked on reducing waste that is sent to landfills from solvent filters by promoting Activated Clay Filtration, instead. We have worked with clothing manufacturers to increase the longevity of fabrics to ensure that favorite shirt of yours can last longer and not end up in the trash.

We have also participated in clothing drives, planted trees, and held fundraisers for nonprofits like Water.org. For example, the kickball tournament/picnic pictured, where I was able to serve everyone up some burgers and brats on the grill, raised $2,000 for Water.org.

GreenEarth has and continues to look for ways to minimize our impact on the Earth, and I believe I can check the other box for taking care of the land.