A Virtual World—How Businesses Adapt

It was the summer of 2010 and everyone was anxiously awaiting the release of Toy Story 3; it was a simpler time. Apple launched its state-of-the-art virtual chat app FaceTime, which initially required a WiFi signal for use. From that point on, grandparents everywhere would ask, “Is this thing on?” and frustratingly attempt to unmute themselves. Once again, thanks to technology, our world was forever changed.

Fast forward nearly a decade, leading up to 2020, our video chat capabilities had vastly improved and our application options seemed limitless. The digitization of our work environment was already in full swing. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, that adoption was thrown into warp speed with businesses scrambling to adapt to a socially-distant world. These video chat applications came in clutch.

Working from home was the “new normal” and traveling to clients for in-person meetings was limited to essential business. Most companies implemented virtual meetings and learned how to conduct “business as usual” remotely, using whatever technology necessary to accomplish their day-to-day tasks. Microsoft Teams, various Google Apps, Zoom, and any other number of applications that allowed employees to interact with each other and share working projects became an integral part of how workplaces operate.

A key ingredient to GreenEarth Cleaning’s success has always been our expert technical team. The pandemic posed a big challenge to continue to provide a high level of support to Members of the GreenEarth Network all over the world. Video support was not unheard of for us, but it was not the primary medium for providing assistance either. Virtual Visits are the “new normal” for our technical team, and our Affiliates are finding great value in them. Our team has mastered the experience to provide our Members with the same level of technical guidance and support that we’ve maintained throughout the years.

As our world is changing at an even more rapid pace than ever before, business models are forced to pivot to a new way of thinking. This means different things for different companies, but for us, it’s shifted our focus to online workshop sessions and Virtual Visits—the bridge between a voice-only phone call and an in-person visit.

To all GreenEarth Affiliates, make sure to save your spot on the calendar. Simply call our main office at 816-926-0895 or email techncial@greenearthcleaning.com.