Heirloom & Antique Fabrics

Your grandmother’s wedding dress, that gorgeous vintage coat, the antique handbag you found at a thrift store—these kinds of items are special and irreplaceable. Cleaning and storing these delicate items properly is essential to preserving them in the best condition possible.


Garments should always be cleaned before being put away. Even if they look clean, some invisible stains, such as perspiration, take time to interact with the fabric and will appear as brown splotches later. Stop stains before they happen by having your vintage items dry cleaned before storing them. Do not store items in plastic …

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The agitation of a regular washing machine, even on the gentle cycle, can be too harsh for delicate and aging fabrics. If an item has monetary or sentimental value, don’t take any chances washing it at home. Some vintage clothing collectors and retailers warn against dry cleaning, but GreenEarth is different. Traditional dry cleaning uses …

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